Modern lifestyle marketing.
Global, Mobile, Personal.


Talent Basket is a cross-border emerging media consulting and artist management company. We specialize in helping multi-national clients expand brand awareness, optimize customer experience, scale operations and achieve top-line growth in the diverse global marketplace.

“Digitalized tourism experiences for destination visitors from Asia Pacific and North America. ”


The world of tourism continues to evolve with new traveler experience enabled by technology and connectivity. We help destination offices and travel service companies think through complex new media issues, explore emerging digital opportunities and stimulate local economy with retail tourism campaigns.

 Capture the world’s attention and invite it in.

“Accelerated merchant revenues from Chinese visitors for United States travel destinations.”


Increasing online commerce and the buying power of Chinese consumers present growth opportunities for global-thinking retailers. We help retail clients map out a clear cross-border consumer journey and design retail revenue acceleration programs with effective application of Internet of Things and innovative payment solutions. 

Make the world your marketplace.

“Globalized Chinese tattoo art”

Art and Culture

Creativity, energy and passion in cultural media such as art, film, music and literature can be communicated globally, universally and effectively in the digital age. Talent Basket partners with gifted artists to develop global brand strategy, sales platform, event & exhibition and business management solutions. Share you talent and story across borders and cultures.